About Us

SOFTECH SOLUTIONS is a global IT Consulting & Solutions company that has been providing high value-added business solutions to enterprises of all sizes. Headquartered in Australia and Clients across Asia Pacific. SOFTECH SOLUTIONS is a complete end-to-end solutions provider with expertise in diverse areas of Custom Software Application Development & Maintenance Services, and IT Consulting services. The professionals at our company adopt a customer centric approach which helps to understand the exact client requirements and enables them to provide the most effective solutions.

SOFTECH SOLUTIONS has a strong emphasis on quality. Its goal would be to achieve client satisfaction by looking into making deliveries of satisfaction to customer's business needs. Our ability to quickly identify and effectively employ proven fundamental principles, techniques and resources yields highly desirable results for our clients.

We understand that each industry and organization share a level of uniqueness that requires a tailored approach in order to deliver specific solutions. Such factors as client culture, industry regulations, organizational maturity, financial health and many more items may impact our approach to delivering client solutions.

Having served a wide variety of clients has provided SOFTECH SOLUTIONS the ability to build subject matter expertise across numerous industries. Our industry expertise combined with our specialized knowledge of Business Process Improvement, Requirements Management and Program & Project Management provides a powerful combination and a tremendous value to our clients. We are run by a group of industry experts who have decades of experience in delivering custom solutions to our clients.

The Company's Global Delivery Model provides the best resources to be drawn from its vast talent pool across the globe to offer optimal solutions. Our competency lies in reaching out to people through effective, professional business communication and practices or a little well-thought-out advice to the candidates. It is therefore no wonder that our services attract success for our clients.

Our Motto is to provide high quality design, rapid implementation and QA testing with the most cost-efficient and timely delivery to our clients. We help you reduce your overall IT solutions costs. We use proven architectural concepts to build systems that are scalable, flexible, reliable, and easy to support. Our proven performance of incorporating information technology with imagination and creative solutions is always consistent with our clients corporate image and goals.

The Strategic Mission of SOFTECH SOLUTIONS is to Drive Technology in anything and everything one can imagine!
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